London Elephant Parade

Written by neal on July 6th, 2010

At the moment in London, there are a whole bunch of Elephants that have been placed around the city to raise awareness and money for the Asian Elephant.  The organisation, Elephant Parade London 2010 has details of the elephants, their locations and their artists.

Here are a selection of elephants that I have seen and taken pictures of:
001-Spotty002-Radja015-Mr. Stripe

029-Blue Macaw038-Old Map of London049-Ferrous

050-Heaven's Hathi061-Shanti Haathi064-Patron

003-Union Jack055-Cubelephant

079-The Empire is Not Striking Back087-Happy End of Nature II096-Dandy-phant

100-Carry on up the Khyber101-Layla106-Cosmos123-Penny For Your Thoughts209-Harmony

223-Rangoli243-Hope of Freedom258-Ziggy

226-Pearly Prince125-Lover

You can see the complete Series here:


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