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Colin & Anne’s Wedding

Friday, November 27th, 2009


I have finally got around to processing the pictures that I took at Colin and Anne’s wedding. The event was great and the venues were superb.

Colin at the church:
C&A 001Colin & Anne's Wedding 002

Preparing the candles:
Colin & Anne's Wedding 004

During the Ceremony:
Colin & Anne's Wedding 030

(BTW, the priest was pretty adamant that only the hired professional photographer take pictures, but I snuck a few anyway. The 85 1.2 came in quite handy in the church!)

The Newly-weds:

C&A 003

Some fun at the reception venue:

C&A 004

(I think that they got this idea from our wedding!)

Of course the women wanted in on the fun as well:

Colin & Anne’s Wedding 094
The venue had an amazing set of stairs. I snuck in behind the photographer and nipped a few shots.

C&A 006

Detail shot of Anne’s dress:

Colin & Anne's Wedding 078

Some fun after the dinner:

Colin & Anne's Wedding 159

looking for some interesting angles:

Colin & Anne's Wedding 175

As always there are more photos here: